A known and trusted name in funeral and cremation services, the Stewart family has been providing families with professional services for over 30 years. We operate four funeral homes and two crematories in Gwinnett and Walton counties and have provided countless services for families in need. Pets are considered, by most, to be part of the family, and we will treat your pet with the same respect and dignity we do the other members of your family.


We will promise that cherished friends will treat your pet as our own. When you choose to do individual or single pet cremation, we assure you that your friend is the only pet cremated at that time. When the cremated remains of your beloved pet are returned to you, we assure you that it is your pet. We use the same identification and tracking system that we use for our human crematories.


Our experience in the funeral industry helps us understand how important closure is. We believe that the prompt return of your pet’s cremated remains is crucial in helping in the grieving process. We promise to do our very best in returning your cherished friend to your home or vet’s office within 48 hours.